Winter 2024 – Newsletter

We are still in the dormant time. Winter ends on March 19, 2024. After the New Years celebrations, it seems harder to dwell here. Yet it is in these moments of darkness deep underground that growth takes root.

Many of our projects are in construction working with strong teams. It’s easy to overlook the everyday, the small decisions which cumulatively amount to a mindset and way of building/being. There is important work in winter.

Red Dot Studio is quiet now. Our team is small and settled. Spring will come, projects will finish, photos will make a splash, new projects will blossom, but for now, it is the waning days of winter.

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[Shaker Village photo 1: Michael Graham
cover photo & San Francisco after a Winter Storm photo 2: Sharon DeMattia]



[Photo 3:]

Old Growth Redwood, de-constructed in Pescadero by the Reusable Lumber Company, de-nailed by the Urban Machine, to be reconstructed as siding in Nicasio with Larkspur Builders Inc.

[Photo 4:]

On Guerrero Street in San Francisco reusing the old brick foundation as a new garage floor built by Saturn Construction.

[Photo 5:]

Bespoke art by Windy Chien was once part of an office project, became unused, and was re-gifted to our Twin Peaks client. Contractor Oakleaf Construction.

[Photo 6:]

Our office has the same mailing address but we have moved to a different spot in the building where we have space for a materials library and research. This cedar log from Neighborhood Woods will become our desks.


[Photo 7:]

Video clip by Pocket Pictures from Center for Architecture + Design Indigenous Architecture Forum


Red Dot Studio is an architecture practice that believes when you listen, watch, and learn the making comes naturally.

Red Dot Ranch is a regenerative farm to learn our place in nature through food and shelter.

The Studio and Ranch are located on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ohlone. We understand the inherent inconsistency in celebrating and learning our place in nature while pretending to own land which can never be truly owned and is part of us. We wish to recognize Indigenous knowledge and pay our respect to the Ancestors and Community of the Ohlone and to affirm their sovereign rights as First Peoples.


Center for Architecture + Design Karen Curtiss is now on the board
Reusable Lumber Company
Urban Machine De-Nailed Wood
Neighborhood Woods Sawyer
The Shed Maker’s Market and Workshop Classes