Field Trip

Barbora Jakubauskaite

There is time to work and there is time to play.

Tuesday was time for exploration – RDS had a field trip to our favorite places in SF. Karen, our beloved boss, became a bus driver for a day with 5 people on board. She hit the gas pedal and we were taken to Tartine Manufactory where we started our aesthetic judgement.



– 1 bus driver/boss
– 1 bus (ok ok, a minivan. but it is so much more fun to have a boss/bus driver)
– 5 passengers
– 5 hours

4 places:
– Tartine Manufactory (595 Alabama)
– Community Music Center (552 Capp)
– 1240 Minnesota Gallery
– Pier 70

3 places to visit for the next time:
– Harry Street Stairs (Noe Valley)
– Dandellion Chocolate Shop (740 Valencia)
– Bransten Residence (510 Belvedere)

– a lunch
– a sip of beer

Every place was different and similar at the same time. we noticed eventually that we all picked artistically industrial places. whether it was Tartine Manufactory that crafts the most basic raw ingredients into delectable cultural artifacts in open view. or, the Community Music Center that develops intrigued students into musicians. both places relate to a word we have in the Lithuanian language; Menu Kalve. Menu Kalve directly translates to art smithing—a place where artists and craftsmen are developed. Even the bar we went to later to conclude our explorative day was located at the American industrial center! San Francisco is famous for its vivid Victorian houses, although it is nonetheless a port and an industrial city with its contrasting heritage which brings a different and raw aesthetic wind.